My buttons

All of my buttons are stitched entirely by hand, by me.

Fabric buttons are made by wrapping two fabric shapes around a felt or layered fabric core, and stitching back to back. This traditional method creates buttons that are soft but firm. Fabric buttons are suitable for a variety of uses: children’s clothes and toys, millinery, scrapbooking, embroidery or textile projects, costume/cosplay. Basic fabric buttons can be laundered gently by hand washing or dry cleaning.

My fabric art buttons are created with the same base, but the base is then embroidered and embellished with beads, metallic fabrics and paper. These buttons are not suitable for heavy use applications, but are beautiful adornments to your own embroidery, art or textile projects, millinery or scrapbooking. Fabric art buttons should not be laundered.

Fabric buttons can be sewn to clothing or paper the same way you sew on regular buttons: by sewing right through the button! Or you can just sew the fabric backing to your surface, creating an invisible join. Alternatively, I can add a handwoven loop or bar on the back as a small shank for attachment – you can let me know when ordering if you’d like this option.

I use a variety of different materials for my buttons, so they vary slightly in thickness and width. If you require a very accurate size for a specific purpose, please contact me.