Dappled darkness art button set


Art buttons in black and metallic silk, embellished with stitch and beads, edged with hand worked needlelace.

The listed price is for a set of three buttons.

The largest button is approximately 3.5cm in diameter, the smaller two buttons are 2.5cm diameter.

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This is a set of three hand stitched fabric art buttons, made by wrapping two embellished fabric shapes around a felt core, and stitching back to back.

Many hours have been spent creating these buttons. They are tiny little textile art pieces, unique and precious.

The front of the buttons are layered metallic silk and rich with embroidery in black, cobalt and deep violet. The back fabric is black cotton. Two of the buttons are also embellished with iridescent seed beads. The edge of the buttons are hand stitched with black cotton needlelace in tiny scallops.

These buttons are entirely fabric, they are soft but firm. Fabric buttons are suitable for a variety of uses: children’s clothes and toys, millinery, scrapbooking, embroidery or textile projects, costume/cosplay. They do not have metal/plastic inserts or shanks. This fabric button set should not be laundered.

Fabric buttons can be sewn to clothing or paper the same way you sew on regular buttons: by sewing right through the button! Or you can just sew the fabric backing to your surface, creating an invisible join. Alternatively, I can add a handwoven loop or bar on the back as a small shank for attachment, please note when ordering if you would like this addition.

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15mm diameter, 20mm diameter, 25mm diameter


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