Plumaris adamantus


The Plumaris adamantus (Diamondwing beetle) can be found in secluded groves and undersea caves all across Atlantis. They are often blue and white, with ivory antenna and faces and blue legs and mouthparts. This species is 7.5cm long (3″) x 5cm wide (2″) x 5cm tall (2″). They have been spotted indulging in stamp collecting and eating wallpaper glue.

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This beetle is completely stitched by hand. Its body is hand dyed woollen felt, stuffed with pure wool. Its wing covers (elytra!) are stitched with vintage cotton threads over silk organza and canvas fabric. Under the elytra are delicate wings in gold silk organza edged with tiny buttonhole stitches. The antenna and legs are wire, hand wound with cotton threads. It is embellished over its thorax with cotton and silk threads. Many careful hours of stitching went into creating this beetle.

The beetles are designed as delightful shelf ornaments. They contain wires and delicate fabrics that make them completely unsuitable as toys.

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Dimensions 7.5 x 5 x 5 cm


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