Blackwork motifs -Ziglets

Blackwork motifs -Ziglets

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This booklet contains patterns for 128 small interchangeable blackwork motifs (that I'm calling ziglets!), along with a collection of patterns to suggest some ways to use the ziglets. The designs are simple blackwork, in that they are almost entirely in backstitch (or double running stitch) with the occasional cross stitch or bead.

The idea is that you can choose any of the designs and select for yourself which motifs you would like to use. As the motifs all have the same outline shape, they are completely interchangeable. I've arranged the motifs in family groupings on pages 2 and 3 so that similar motifs are easy to spot. It also makes it easier to chose gradations of shading if you are using these motifs as part of a shaded fill.

Designs included:

  • Interchangeable motifs
  • Four borders, between 10 and 14 stitches wide including corners and ends
  • Four fill patterns of various sizes
  • One biscornu pattern, 46 stitches square
  • Photographs of worked examples