Small solar system pattern
Small solar system pattern
Small solar system pattern
Small solar system pattern

Small solar system pattern

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This blackwork embroidery pattern depicting the planets of the Solar System. Planets are to scale, but the distance between them is not :D Sad face for Pluto. :(

The stitches used are simple backstitch or double running stitch for the blackwork fill, backstitch outlines, one french knot for Mercury.

This is a much smaller piece than that other 'Big Solar System Blackwork'. I made this pattern after the big one, for something a bit more approachable for beginners and something that wasn't just the inner planets. It would suit a beginning embroiderer, an experienced cross-stitcher looking for something new, or someone like me: that just loves blackwork patterns.

I would look amazing hanging on nursery wall, propped on a shelf, or the motifs could be appliqued to a bag or cushion.

Fabric required:

  • Evenweave fabric. The model was stitched on 28 count linen over two and three threads. The completed design is 55 stitches by 220 stitches. On 28 count linen this creates a stitched design that's 40 cm wide and 10 cm high (about 16 inches by 4 inches).
  • Note: this design would be very difficult to execute on Aida fabric and is not recommended.

Threads required:

  • Stranded cotton in one strand for all of the stitching

Included in this booklet:

  • Four pages of helpful instructions including lots of photos and hints and tips
  • Complete list of materials and tools required
  • Two page chart of the design