Textile art pack 10 - earthy browns

Textile art pack 10 - earthy browns

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This pack includes:

  • One skeins of pure wool thread by Gumnut Yarns: "Blossoms". (This is a soft green that fades to a pale orange-brown that photographs much greener than it is.)
  • four skeins of rayon thread from Edmar, Madeira and Rajmahal threads (Note that the Madeira thread was left off this photo somehow! It's a beautiful rich medium-dark brown)
  • one bag with a long strand of mixed brown seed beads
  • one bag of resin beads
  • one bag of stone beads
  • one bag of cube beads
  • four small squares of fabric

Note: Some of the items I'm selling in my clean out may have a little taken and stitched with, but most are unused and I will note as above where I am unsure. The picture should be indicative but please contact me if you have any questions about the condition or quantity of any of the items.